Mon. May 23rd, 2022
Riot wants to make the game slower in League of Legends

Riot wants to make the game slower in League of Legends

Riot wants to make the game slower in League of Legends


Riot may want to slow down the tempo of the game in League of Legends. In a recent Reddit discussion, Riot Axes – known as lead game designer Bryan Salvatore – stated that the team is currently evaluating modifications “designed to make combat slower.”

there has been a real change in how quickly combat happens. Nowadays, the average team lasts for only 14 seconds, which is much shorter than battles in past years. It sounds like Riot is planning to nerf a lot of damage dealt by champions.

“We think League of Legends is the best on averaging fast-paced and exciting,” He said that he answered questions about past Riot discussions about kill time in league games. “But yeah, I think it’s fair to say it’s overcorrected the damage, which is hitting clearly (‘I can tell I’ve just killed my stuff’ I can tell what I should have done differently’) and skill expression (‘that assassin/mage hit their entire gear, so they won the kill’).”

Salvatore says that mage supports are not the main focus for Riot right now. Even though their damage output may be high, it is not anything new and is not the reason for any recent damage spread. In reality, having damage-oriented support is a good thing for the game.

“Allowing players to choose damage-oriented supports and earn enough gold to really scale with them is a major part of finally addressing support autofill issues, and we’d be hesitant to reconsider those issues,” Salvatore wrote. “We prefer to tune durability based on the reality that many teams are swapping defensive roles (support or tank) for damage and balancing the two approaches.” Riot Games said it will provide more information “in the coming weeks.”


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