Mon. May 23rd, 2022
Thanks to Android 13 Now You can use Windows 11 on your phone

Thanks to Android 13 Now You can use Windows 11 on your phone

Android 13 improved virtualization support has been used by a developer in a very big way.

With Android 13, it may appear to be a minor upgrade on first inspection, offering a safe photo picker, themed icons, and new Wi-Fi permissions. Although it was thought that the update only allowed for running other operating systems, such as Windows 11 inside a virtual machine (VM), it turns out that it also supports alternative operating systems, such as Windows 11.

Danny Lin, known on Twitter as kdrag0n and a web and app developer for Android, has shown off Windows 11 Arm in a virtual machine on a Google Pixel 6. The phone was running the Android 13 DP1 update.


Lin clarifies that, while Windows 11 was “extremely usable,” hardware GPU acceleration is not supported. He even uploaded a video demonstrating Doom running on the Windows 11 Virtual Machine, as seen below.

The Pixel 6 appears to be running Windows 11, which isn’t surprising since it’s the first device in Google’s history to run a version of Microsoft’s operating system. The developer also showed off several Linux distributions booting on the phone, including Ubuntu and CentOS.

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