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Here are secrets in Grand Theft Auto 5 that few people are aware of

Here are secrets in Grand Theft Auto 5 that few people are aware of


Games with a basis in GTA have always been rife with secrets and Easter eggs, and players have added their own myths. However, not all discoveries are intentional or perplexing. It’s sometimes just a hilarious error or a basic function that many people overlook. GTA 5 was first released almost ten years ago, and gamers are still finding new things to do in it. This article includes five little secrets or features that few players are aware of.

  • ┬áMessing with the NPC AI

Players have found ways to disrupt the in-game NPC AI. This includes disrupting civilians and the police. Players can use melee strikes to push other bikers off their motorcycles or hit other cars while riding a motorbike.

This will make most NPCs drive away quickly from the player. But some, especially truck drivers, may become angry and chase after the player instead. This can be used to cause chaos as the angry driver becomes very aggressive and will ram anything in its way.

Some people like to play around with the regular NPCs in GTA 5. But cops are more interesting. Players may go up the ramp next to the Darnell Bros. warehouse and stop at the last second while being pursued by police. The police car will fly down the stairs and charge towards the highway below.

When a player is playing Quick Links, they can use a truck to block a certain roadway with a broken guardrail. All incoming vehicles will be sent careering to the road below if done correctly.

  • Car launch glitch

Another glitch was discovered in GTA 4. In the previous game, players were able to launch their cars as a catapult across a swingset. Sliding doors are used instead of this in GTA 5. Michael’s home is one of the best places to put this amusing bug into practice. The swing set glitch in Grand Theft Auto 4 is not as widely recognized as some of the other facts, but it is still worth noting.

  • The sky is the limit

In previous Grand Theft Auto games, planes could fly much higher than they can in GTA 5. There is still a limit on how high aircraft can go, but it is not as easy to achieve as it was in past Grand Theft Auto games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

A lot of gamers have tried to break the limit out of interest but stopped because it was too boring. When players leave their vehicles at this point, they won’t be able to release their parachutes. You can only open your parachute after you have fallen for a long time and are sure it is safe to do so. Some players have said that they opened their parachutes too early and got caught on the ground, which made them lose the game.

  • Getting inside the FIB building

Players will be able to explore sections of the FIB building during The Bureau Raid Heist mission. The structure may not be entered before or after this incident without modifications. Players can, however, return to these areas via a specific glitch in GTA 5.

To reach a higher floor, players must go up to the glass ceiling and glitch through it. The ideal location is to park a car, preferably a helicopter, in an angular position over the ceiling. Following that, players must walk through the gap and be pushed below by the game. This is not always possible, but it can be a good way to get your home in front of a lot of people. You will need to make your home available for people to look at it for a long time on a day when it is easy for them to come.

  • Walking underwater

This is a one-of-a-kind bug, and it’s something few players are aware of. Players can stand upright in the canals beside Vespucci Beach, even underwater, near the wall.

For most gamers, locating this location may be difficult. It’s such a tiny area that not everyone can reach it.

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