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How to get the "Hothead" god roll in Destiny 2 A guide

How to get the “Hothead” god roll in Destiny 2 A guide

You need to complete certain tasks and challenges to get it, but it’s well worth the effort. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the Hothead god roll in Destiny 2, so keep reading! The Hothead in Destiny 2 has gained a lot of traction due to Acute Burns’ inclusion in PvE. With the release of The Witch Queen, high-tier PvE has seen a resurgence of interest in classic rocket launchers. Despite its antiquity, the Palmyra-B is currently the most powerful rocket launcher in RuneScape.

How to get the "Hothead" god roll in Destiny 2 This is a guide.

This week’s loot includes the Arc Rocket Launcher, which may be found by participating in any of the Grandmaster Strikes on the list. This axe is only available in the “Silver” version. The Consecrated version of this weapon will drop on Platinum completion.

This legendary Two-Handed Sword has Vorpal Weapon and Explosive Light, making it one of the greatest alternatives for boss DPS in PvE. The best perk combinations for The Hothead in PvP will be discussed later in this article.

The Hothead’s finest perk pairings in Destiny 2’s PvE

The Hothead is a conventional Rocket Launcher that fires projectiles with the same characteristics as other Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2. The Blast Radius of this Arc weapon, like most others in Destiny 2, is substantial, and the velocity of its projectile is quite fast. This Adaptive Framed weapon may be modified with a number of PvE-friendly bonuses

In PvP, rocket launchers are not ideal. Heavy ammo is difficult to come by, and the weapon type can only store one bullet at a time, putting players in a high-risk situation. for example, is a rocket launcher that can guarantee an kill every time someone fires a projectile at a player.

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