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In Apex Legends, banners are emblems that indicate a player has achieved multiple challenging challenges. They are awarded to the most proficient players for a variety of reasons, including winning games, being the kill leader, and so on. On your banner, there are three badges. The player with the rarer badge is more skilled.

This article will go through the top ten rarest badges in Apex Legends. Continue reading to find out how to get those badges.

Badge for Teamwork IV

Players in a squad that finish a match with 10 or more kills each are awarded the Team Work IV badge. That implies in your match, your team will murder the majority of the lobby, which appears to be extremely difficult. It’s important to note that you can’t have one player have more kills than the others in a single game. If the kills are evenly distributed, this uncommon badge will be awarded to everyone in your squad. This is by far one of the most difficult badges to obtain, as it necessitates the participation of all players.

Badge: 20 Bomb: 20 Kills

The 20 kills badge is another rewarded item for a hard day’s work in Apex Legends. Many players are attempting to get this rare badge, but due to its difficulty, only a few people are awarded it. To earn this medal, you must join a game and kill 20 individuals, which is about a third of the lobby! And those kills are only for you; they can’t be shared with your teammates, making this a difficult medal to obtain. With this, you’ll look like a beast, likely intimidating all your opponents, especially if they view you as the match’s champion.

Wrath of [Legend] I-IV Badge (4000 damage badge)

Certain banners display the amount of damage you take in a single game. The Legend’s Wrath is a damaged badge that takes a high level of ability to obtain. During the battle, the word “Legend’s” will be replaced with the legend you are playing if you reach the required damage. Players must be strategic in their looting and avoid being murdered. Wrath I requires 2000 damage, Wrath II requires 2500 damage, Wrath III requires 3000 damage, and Wrath IV requires 4000 damage in a single game. Those badges are only available if you deal the required amount of damage in a single game.

Badge of Apex Predator


In Apex Legends, banners are emblems that indicate a player has achieved multiple challenging challenges. You must first enable trackers such as the amount of kills, adversaries downed, stances, and, of course, badges. Every season, you advance from the lowest tier, Bronze IV, to the highest. The highest rank in the game is Apex Predator. These are the players who made it through the season and the split. You are one of the top 750 players on your platform if you have a rare badge reflecting this position. This is something that most streamers and truly skilled gamers have. This badge cannot be earned easily.

Badge of Rapid Elimination

Battle Royale is a popular gaming genre that allows you to play as a trio or a duet. You must rapidly eliminate four adversaries in the game within 20 seconds to get the Rapid Elimination badge. Staying on their toes, collecting amazing loot, and, of course, the most famous strategy of them – the ever so difficult but fun third partying of other teams in the game – can all help players achieve this aim.

Badge: Triple Triple

Although the badge’s name may appeal to some, earning this badge is extremely difficult. The Triple Triple is an uncommon badge because it requires you to eliminate three entire squads in the same game. Isn’t that simple? However, there is a caveat to this badge: all kills must be credited to you. You’d be better off dropping in solo to acquire this badge if your teammates don’t kill any foes in your game.

Badge: Win Streak (5 Wins in a Row)

Badge: Win Streak (5 Wins in a Row)

A player that wins five consecutive games in a battle royale, whether in trios or duos, earns the Win Streak badge. There is no necessity to utilise a specific legend, unlike the other badges. You just must defeat hundreds of opponents and win all of the games you have matched. Remember that to earn the badge, you must win all of these games in a row. The badge features stars that correspond to the length of your winning streak: 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Badge Master of All

Badge Master of All

This badge will be awarded if you win 10 games in Apex while playing 8 different legends. Show off the badge by playing as Valkyrie, Octane, or Loba. That means you won’t always be able to play the legend you’ve mastered, which can be frustrating for some. Because they only let you play the original legends for free, you’ll also need to unlock the other characters for the badge. If you work your way through all of the legends, you’ll be sure to receive this award.

Badge of No Witnesses

This is a difficult badge to obtain because it necessitates a fully assembled squad with everyone in the match putting out their best effort. Encourage your friends to play by mentioning the badge! Keep in mind that your entire squad must kill 15 other players without being revived or respawned back into the game. If you don’t have enough shields and syringes, getting this badge will be challenging.

Badge of Hot Streak

The Hot Streak badge is similar to the Win Streak badge, except that you must only play one legend and win two games in a row with them. To earn the badge, you must win one game as your selected character, lose as another, and then win as the first legend you began with, as this is still considered a streak! It may appear difficult, but it isn’t. To earn this badge, you must ensure that you kill the majority of enemy squads.


You must complete a lengthy and challenging journey throughout the game to get these badges. Since Apex has been popular for three years, there have been numerous seasons. Getting up to speed with the other players will most likely take a long time. Apex badge boosting might assist you in obtaining numerous rare badges without exerting too much effort. By displaying these achievements on your banner, you can wow your squad members and even the adversaries you’ve killed in the game. You may set yourself apart from the crowd by acquiring these uncommon badges.


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