Wed. Aug 10th, 2022
During their first concert a huge screen fell off and crushed some dancers

During their first concert a huge screen fell off and crushed some dancers

Hundreds of spectators saw the moment a huge screen fell from a stadium ceiling, crushing a dancer.

On Thursday evening, the Hong Kong division of the boy band Mirror kicked off their first concert at the coliseum (local time).

One of the dancers was standing directly under the screen when it fell.

The entertainers seem to be making the crowd laugh before the night takes a turn for the worse.

In the disturbing video, it appears that the large LCD screen above the stage becomes misaligned.

During their first concert, a huge screen fell off and crushed some dancers.

As the dancers move across the stage, one man moves into their path.

It falls to the stage floor quickly and catches him in the middle of his body.

As the screen tipped again, it knocked down another dancer who appeared to be rushing to help his fallen buddy.

Terrified screams and cries are immediately heard from the stands, where fans are horrified by what they’re seeing. Three people in the audience were taken to a hospital, according to Dim Sum Daily.

The two dancers injured in the incident were conscious and being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, according to a press release issued by the production company.

Ezra Cheung, a news reporter, shared a clip of the shocking footage of the incident on Twitter.

His post said: At least two dancers were injured in a terrible accident that occurred while a Hong Kong singing and dancing boy band was performing their first concert.

“Both were said to be conscious when being sent to the hospital.”

His followers were concerned over the incident, with one person saying: “Holy cow that is a serious hit, whoever he is, wishing him ok.”

Another person said: “That’s awful praying they are ok.”

Someone else said: “The New HK seems to have plunged into a cycle of bad luck. Never-ending Covid. Sleepy stock market. Concert stage falling apart.”

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