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Experience the postapoapolyptic world of Biomutant with fast loading times, HDR support, and up to 60 FPS today on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S! In this kung-Fu-fable RPG, you can explore colorful, yet dangerous environments with the unique martial arts-styled combat system that works the best in human experience, making melee, shooting and mutant phenotype play harder and more difficult to play.

Biomutant is available now for PlayStation and Xbox One X/S in a RP of four dollars and ninety dollars. A free upgrade is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and this includes Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as their playbox and thus their achievements. Please note that an upgrade is not possible for those with a physical PS4 disc but a PS5 without a drive.

All details about PlayStation 5:

The original PlayStation 5 version is faster. With the added ability to load, HDR, and DualSense, the game also includes Activity Card support. Players have three different modes. Quality: Native 4K (with Dynamic Resolution) @ 20 FPS stable. Power Mode: High Definition 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ long-lasting 60 FPS. Against Evil: Native 4K (mit Dynamic Resolution) – Up to 60 FPS in the north at time.

If you already own Biomutant, you can upgrade FOR FREE and bring your old saves and trophies with you.

The fulls of the Xbox series:

The native Xbox series X version features much faster loading time and HDR support. The player will have three different modes of choice: a game, a game, or two. Quality Mode: Native 4K (with Dynamic Resolution) at 30 FPS stable. Results: Native 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 60 FPS. Quality Unleashed: Native 4K (with Dynamic Resolution) (as opposed to 60 FPS).

If you have Biomutant already on Xbox One, you can upgrade for FREE and bring your old saves and achievements to the next level.

Infos about Xbox Serie S:

The native Xbox S version has even faster loading time and HDR support. Players can choose three modes:: Quality Mode: Native 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 30 FPS (based on values). Performance Mode: Native 1080p (With Dynamic Resolution), @ stable 60 FPS. Quality is free: Native 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ up to 60 FPS.

If you own Biomutant on Xbox One, you can get upgrade for FREE, and bring your old save and achievements to you.

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