Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The Army, called Warzone, will announce a new playable operator. Call of Duty has been known for its impressive crossovers. The series remained in its own lane, until the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a limited feature, largely with some Mountain Dew-themed gear on the list, especially before the release of the new Call of Duty-style. When Warzone came out, Activision saw a way to defend Fortnite’s IP-ification. There’s been new characters in it, so it’s been loading it up with a new character. In the past, we saw Rambo, John McClane, Ghostface, The Terminator, and there was even a giant event focused on Godzilla and King Kong.

One of the unique and more hidden characters that can be added to the game is the new tuxedo featuring Hazel from the Umbrella Academy. Despite the huge popularity of the Netflix series, a lot of people jumped out of their seat saying it should use the military shooter franchise Call of Duty. It was quite weird to be here. That package includes Hazel’s signature suit and tie-down with a pink dog/teddy bear-esque mask, two new legendary weapon blueprints, a new finish motion and MVP highlight animation, and many cosmetics like charms and call cards. The character takes over Cha-Cha, who was joined by his teammates about a week ago. You can see Hazel in action by clicking on the new trailer below.

Once again, the first step in life is to get rid of all things. If you’re planning to go on the new game, then it would be worthwhile if you bought new skins. No matter whether Call of Duty has any other significant crossover skins in the coming months, it won’t be surprising, especially if they add some more Halloween skins.

Will you get the Umbrella Academy skins?

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