Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The battle was benefitful because of the addition of fire effect.

The battle was greatly enhanced by adding fire effects.

In an article entitled The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the modder Garden of the Eyes shared a story from the univers of Tolkiens and the world invented by George Martin for the Elden Ring. So now, the game ends with a battle not with Radagon, but with Sauron.

The original result is successful, as was with the film Peter Jackson, Sauron wwrangled a huge mace, and Radagon has a similar weapon. True, the effects of the war should be greatly revised.

Sauron, created by the modder, doesn’t arrange the massive blast like Radagon, he’s like a fiery explosion. The battle seems so true that our heroes ended up in Middle-Earth.

You feel so much like Sauron. The character, called the Lord of the Rings antagonist, is not the same size as the playable Sauron.

Unfortunately, both of the two mods are available only to Garden of Eyes Patreon subscribers now.

It’s interesting.

Theory: A stranger in the same kingdom is, after all, the one who has called for the king of the Rings: the ones who will give up the power is a rival.

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