Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Mitsuhiro Yoshida, the Japanese author of the scrolling fighting game River City Ransom, and many other hits, died at 61. His name was mainly influenced by the titles he developed in the 80s and 90s for the company Technos Japan.

A photo of Yoshida captured by photo of the man killed by himself.

Other works such as Road Trip, Goon, Angi, Nikke, Boosoo – Sugi, Goggle, Visco, Playyo and Mario (Muvero), Googami, Tozho and Co-Surris. He was also mentioned in the books in the Double Dragon series.

More recently, Yoshida started the Miracle Kids studio! (2008), where he served as president, and continued to work on the Downtown and River City Dodgeball franchise. The official twitter account of the company was the official slam.

Yoshida worked on new games until the moment of his death, so his friend and colleague emphasized that he had taken a chance of creating a new fighting game. Anyone who knows may be a new River City Ransom?

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