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Nissan presented the new hybrid vehicle, which the four-generation Nissan X-Trail is equipped with. This car is built on the new Alliance CMF-C platform and available in five and seven-seat configurations.


The design of the X-Trail 4 is a little different in comparison to the predecessor, but it has changed a lot, but has retained the fact that it’s recognized. The exterior is made up of signature design elements: a panoramic sunroof and a V-shaped grille. The SUV was made with a strong headlight built in the front bumper with daytime running lights and direction-level indicators on the line between the door and the body. The rhoee is made of a dolphin fin.

The new Nissan X-Trail received the ePOWER system. If you continue to install an electric car, the electric car could be the perfect one. With high chubby power and quiet moving, it’s available for purchase.

The PowerLocal (e-Power) system is powered by a huge battery, the powertrain, with a variable-pression gasoline engine, a generator, an inverter and a 240kW front electric motor. In order to respond quickly, an electric motor is driving the engine to a motor engine powered by 1.5 cubic metres of petrol for 150 kW. The engine is always operating in a optimum range, so it is easy to get the fuel in urban conditions. Nissan notes that the e-POWER powertrain guarantees a quiet ride. When a car speeds up to 40 km/h, the sound is 8 db lower than competitors. This electric motor can accelerate at 100 km/h in 8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 170 km/h.

An all-wheel drive version of the fourth generation Nissan X-Trail will also be available – a combination of electric and electric motors on each axle with a total output of 203 hp. In this case, the SUV gains a speed of 100 km/h in seven seconds for a five-seat model and 7-seat one in seven. The speed of the steering wheel varies from 180 km to 240 m.

For lovers of the classic combustion engine, the X-Trail version will be available with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with variable compression ratio, which often drives the wheels. The engine will produce 120 kW (163 hp) and 300 nm of torque and only comes with a front wheels. Power is transmitted to the wheels via an automatic transmission. In the light acceleration, if the engine is quiet, it switches to a high compression ratio to optimize fuel consumption, a complication reduction can be achieved for more performance.

Another interesting feature is the e-Pipeal Step, which allows you to control one pedal. In this city, the driver won’t frequently get his foot off the gas pedal or brake. The electronic pedal step lets you run the pedal. The system first needs to be activated by an aforestation switch. After that, you can accelerate by pressing the gas pedal, as usual. With the e-Pedal Step releasing the accelerator, the X-Trails can be resorted by 0.2 G / stop, turn the brake lights on, and slow down the vehicle to a creep, not a full stop.

The informationtainment system allows for manual use in the mobile phone, the added Wi-Fi for 7 devices, and the NissanConnect app, to meet the calls from the car and monitor its systems. Declared the offer for Android and Apple CarPlay allow for the display of the content on a 12.3-inch display. There are 10,8-inch touchscreen displays in order to view driver assistance and traffic information on the windshield and swoop on the level of drivers’ viewpoint.

The new version of the fourth generation Nissan car has a 60:40 split second row that can slide forward and allows for a USB-A connector, and connectors for second-row passengers, to fold third-row seats to accommodate people up to 160cm tall. In case the two rear seats are not in use, the total boot space is 585 liters, 20 liters more than the predecessor.

The new SUV will come in 10 colour/midcase combos with five two-tone combinations for one total of 15 choice. The fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail is available in the European countries, which are starting at 38.000.

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