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The 2nd annual “Psychic Spectacular Study” in Pokemon GO has a new field research task where players should complete this. What they are, and what reward Pokemon encounters you receive for completing them!

In addition to catching Pokemon, the most time, players are doing in Pokemon GO.

Field research tasks are small goals Pokemon trainers can accomplish from spinning PokeStops and with every new event, a variety of limited-time Field research tasks are released to allow players to complete.

Spinning PokeStops before the end of the 2022 psychic Spectacular events will give players event-inspired Field Research Tasks. Finishing them give rewards to encounters with Psychic-type Pokemon.

These Field Research Tasks are limited time and aren’t very useful. Make sure you don’t have an unlimited chance of earning some psychic-type reward when you can.

Before you go out to spin PokeStops, find out all of the wild Pokemon who spawned during the Psychic Spectacular!

The 2022 Psychic Meeting, where all work & rewards from the field for field research continues.

Complete study task the PokeStops which can be spinged during the Psychic Spectacular will bring players an encounter with Baltoy, Chimecho, Elgyem or Hypno.

Which of these Pokemon you encounter depends on your laboratory studies.

These are all the field projects during the periodical time of 2022.

Field Research TaskPokemonImageCan it be Shiny? Spin 5 octopus or jokingBaltoyYes. Make 5 Curveball Throws in rowChimechoYes! Make 5 balls and throwsElgyemYes. Knot 15 PokeStops or GymsHypnoNo.

Once you have finished many of these tasks, you’ll be able to make a Pokemon that will develop and power up. Here is the way to earn more candy in Pokemon GO, thus improving the process.

There are also lots of psychic Pokemon to get during this event. You’ll really want to find out all of the Pokemon in Raids during the psychic spectacular event.

There is also a new event called Egg collection. Here’s an egg to get your swats.

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