Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

In a recent tweet, Maggie Robertson wrote a letter saying she’s back at the motion-capture studio. What Robertson is currently working on hasn’t yet been revealed.

The atmosphere of the Resident Evil Village undoubtedly included the section where Lady Dimitrescu and her henchmen hunted down.

In a tweet, Maggie Robertson wrote to the filming studio that she came back to the studio. Since Robertson didn’t give specific details about his current projects, it’s unclear exactly what he was doing.

Of course, it was quickly speculated that her tweet could be related to Resident Evil Village, as Capcom is known to be working on more content for survival horror adventure.

Take back Lady D once again.

The weather is getting better, but as a result, it is still not clear if these will even appear in the Winters Expansion, because it will be released at the end of October. Even though it was already confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu will appear in the Mercenaries mode, it might be too late to start motion capture work at the moment. I’m saying the same thing: The DLC of Shadow of Rose lets you play the role of Ethans’s daughter.

Sixteen years after the story, she struggles with her fearful power every day. To free herself, she is invoking the mind of a megamycete. She finds herself in a mysterious and dangerous realm. From beginning to finish, you will experience this adventure from the perspective of a third person.

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This tweet isn’t likely to reference Resident Evil Village. Wait for an official statement.

Go ahead and rock with it. #MoCapMonday #MoCapMonday #MoCapMonday– #irrvs #1#.

Maggie Robertson (@maggiethebard) September 5, 2022

More news about the Evil Remark.

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