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The Halloween movie that came and gone has not just brought us to cult status, but purged us with a love of it. The dark fantasy comedy has no question whether it’s nostalgia, its myriad of likable characters (even the evil ones) or its great sense of humor. Yes, I told you that you thought, that you were talking about 1993’s Hocus Pocus, which has gotten into the top 10 of Disney+ recently, nabbing the tenth place, according to FlixPatrol.

To create light horror with a whimsical tone, Hocus Pocus centers on a coven of three witches, Winifred, Mary and Sarah, who spend their leisurely night battling to lose their births in order to do something unimaginable. Once they were captured by the local lynching party, the witches can only act an evil evil incantation in which curse the townsfolk and take the witches back to the next full moon on All Hallows Eve. Fast forward to the modern times, and the self-definiting brother and sister inadvertently awaken the long lost curse.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures.

Even though the film is very loosely written out, the plot is based on the Salem Witch Trials of the 17th century, which led to many innocent people being executed for suspected witchcraft. Of course it helps to add this Halloween adventure a more shocking layer of authenticity.

Hocus Pocus is a legit gem he owes a close look to other creepy family classics like: The Witches, The Monster Squad, and The Addams Family. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that a Pocus 2 is currently in production. Pretty cool, right?

Hocus Pocus, though, doesn’t sound surprising as it did initially resonate with critics very well. Up to 9-tomatoes, the Disney pic has an underwhelming 39 percent critical rating. You’re crazy, don’t you? However, the Audience Score is in line with the way that it’s been described as a film, with an impressive 79 percent score.

But what do you mean? Are you an admirer of Kenny Ortegas’ dark fantasy? Does anyone think Hocus Pocus is overrated? Tell us where your broomsticks are and let us know in the usual place below.

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