Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

CCP Games, there’s a need to talk. You have been trying hard to get the EVE online universe to happen. You gave many EVE-related spinoffs that I would need to drag Brendan into the Daily Grind to allow me to put them in the deadline, so I would not be able to make the entire story easy, but hopefully that makes them easier to make with the EVE Valkyrie and Project Nova so and DUST 514 straight. EVE seems fine-ish, so I guess NetEase is a lucky winner for EVE Echoes. But nothing else the CCP has done has succeeded in saving a lot of money.

The CCP (and, implicitly, Pearl Abyss), certainly isn’t oblivious to the danger of being a lone-hit wonder; Hilmar Petersson acknowledged the concern with defiance in the last few years, saying the company will continue trying in spite of its failures, which is frankly, worthlessness. So, a few years later, the industry’s wind-down of VR projects are brewing, and as a result, the company says it will focus its efforts on new developments in their evolving portfolio of EVE Universe titles.

Perhaps this is a smart thing to do. Maybe this is exactly what Pearl Abyss wants since its entire IP is free and clear. Maybe they have plenty of money to continue trying to make EVE-2-but-not-quite without actually storing EVE itself. To be honest, I have to wonder whether the multiplayer market will actually want to, given the many misfires.

Do you like a new game from the EVE universe? What should this look like? What would you do if you were CCP?

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