Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The head of Nightdive Studios, which is developing a new version of system Shock, praised the creators of the Evil 2 remake.

According to Stephen Kick, this project set the standard for other similar games. But when it came to sales of the updated version of Resident Evil 2, the quality showed up as high. Unfortunately, in the past, many horror games didn’t play much horror.

In addition, the success of RE2 has already increased the interest of players in the horror genre and in sci-fi themes. Kik believes that this is largely why the Dead Space remake was launched. Besides, the author himself is really excited for it, like The Callisto Protocol.

Kik added that at that time Dead Space was a kind of response to the success of Evil 4 and therefore history repeats itself. The author says that, at all, the reason for excitement in horror would be a certain weakness in the audience with dreams.

He recalled that in the 2000s, games like World of Warcraft and Everquest became very popular, but the industry moved to science fiction. And then this cycle reverberates.

The systemshock remake hasn’t released yet, but it was played in gamescom 2022 last year. Kik said the original creators are constantly giving advice on the new project. The game is based on consoles and PCs.

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