Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The shortest road is to the highest point of the road.

Prepare for a dark story that traces of light. RedDeer.Games is happy to announce the release date of their platformer, To Leave. Releasing On September 9th, To Leave is a touching story about being in Heaven. One can find a report with details about the game. With a cinematic trailer, players can be better able to see the gameplay.

After All My Fires went on to the wolf of Harm. A boy was battling manic-depression because of a bipolar disorder. As Harm, players will play a magic gate that moves to a new world: Dark Void. Here Harm discovers that he can guide lost souls to heaven. Of course he won’t stop at anything in order to achieve this goal.

To leave is an atmosphere where players feel the weight of their mental health with every puzzle. Players are learnt to use the door to solve the challenges they face. They should always be careful. Doors are fragile so we don’t want to be stranded. Players can look at the game in a new trailer. The trailer illustrates the theme and its distinct taste with a drawn art style.

To Leave is available for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch on September 9th. Players can expect experiences like: Limbo, Spiritfarer, or Omori. Are you ready to take responsibility for the doors? Will you discover the truth about Harm, will you be in the dark within yourself?


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