Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The acting head coach of the Kharkiv team said that the break in the first round of the Ukrainian championship was crucial to the victory of his wards over the Oleksandrians.

Overall impressions are very good. I think everybody saw how the game was going for us. However, during the break, we talked to the guys and decided together that they should go on the field and play for the tv man who wasn’t there. Everyone heard this, and gave a game of kind. We spent the whole second half a lot of effort, but played the way we should. We thanked him for the results.

What do you think is the number two point – the removal or the second goal against Oleksandriya?

I don’t want to emphasize removal because competent people will analyze it. Ultimately, the key moment of the match took place in the dressing room at half time, when the guys and I talked in a room and decided to get out of the room and play. They’ve done everything they have to do.

Had the penalty been applied for, were there an instruction to play more defensive style during the break? Did this second goal come from the plan for the second half?

Yes, we’ve set up the guys for this game. We agreed that we wouldn’t fight back and defend, but that we could have been better off than playing against each other’s goals. I think everyone saw that we didn’t close, but we tried. The team, with all their efforts, managed to make a goal.

He now won’t apply for Vitaly Fedorov and Yegor Kartushov.

We have such a problem. Before the match, two members of the main team fell out of Yegor Kartushov and Vitaly Fedorov. And according to our view, those who came out instead of those who left played well. Before the removal, Bogdan Porokh played very well. But it happened, so that Vitaly and Yegor suffered injuries, and the doctors decided what to do next. Fedorov arrived, prepared for the game, but couldn’t come out.

When can we expect Yegor Demchenko to be on the field?

Demchenko works. The doctors also plan to do another thing, the damage there was quite severe. He’s a huge man. He’s a good guy, so we don’t have enough players. We want her to come out, but Egor needs to recover.

If Vitaliy Fedorov doesn’t recover the next match, and Bogdan Porokh is disqualified, you’ll move Ralyuchenko to center of defense, and are there any other options to occupy this position?

I think that you saw in the second half that Ralyuchenko played decently in this position. Good looking, we’ll find time. In 5 or six days we will understand who is ready.

If the team are still having some problems, can they expect a new member of the metalist team to try to get it strengthened?

I believe all clubs in the transfer market are round the clock and all year round. But we are not searching for anything but if our needs get reinforced. We’re working on this and think that it’ll be. The transfer window is still open so we look for players who will be worth playing in our team.

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