Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

A new era dawns on Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The long-running Star Wars Block will be releasing in September 2022 with a new line of promo cards, starter decks and a full expansion. This set, called Dawn of the Z-Legends (named Zenkai Series: Dawn of the Z-Legends) is the eighteenth main set and is the first to include Zenkai Cards, otherwise known as Z-Cards. According to Bandai, this set and its associated decks and promos feature characters from “all sagas” all the sagas. The new wave of Dragon Ball Super Card Games will release. Bleeding Cool will take a look at some of the most intriguing cards from collectors’ viewpoint. Today we will look at some more Dragon Ball GT-themed cards that will appear in Dawn of the Z-Legends.

Z-Legends were darkened at the dawn. Give you a credit card game for Dragon Ball.

The past weekend, we showed off a card that featured Goku and Vegeta in their ‘Super Saiyan Blue’ form. The cards are the earliest (not-canonical) continuation of the series,GT. This is the above king, where Goku and Vegeta get hickered together with his fresh cut. Put the leader over the Awaken side and they’ll find the iconic Saiyan duo in their super-saiyan 4 form. It was popular with the Super Saiyan 4 sequel. I think it was so popular because it allowed fans to see the characters more closely with the new transformation and more closely with their original depiction. Vegeta’s hair became normal and Goku became a prodigy, when, in this form, he was forever in his adulthood.

Check out Bleeding Cool for more Dragon Ball Super Card Games pre-rolls from the Z-Warrior and the adjacent decks.

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