Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Last week, Twitch streamer Kimmikka was caught to be caught having sex in the sky while she went into the movie’s dark side. She was reported by a few viewers, but she was banned because of breaching terms of service, but it was lifted since it was reported that she had violated the ban.

As reported by, she has been unbanned for just seven days, so she is able to return to playing music. The reason for the ban was too light is likely because nothing explicit was actually shown. The only way it was caught was because of a reflection from the window behind the window, and the fact it was incredibly obscure. He reassures viewers that it won’t happen again.

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Kimmikka says it was a bad accident and wasn’t intentional, but she has helped her reload her account as she gained more than 4,000 followers in the wake of this ban, which was up from only 200 years ago.

When we wrote this, Kimmikka is back online. She broadcasts Valorant on Twitch. There aren’t any window to see behind her, a nice gaming chair. That might be bad enough, might you?

While Kimmikka was a little back to her old tin, some big-name Twitch stars are making a return voluntarily. Pokimane doesn’t want to do it full-time, so that platforms such as Instagram and TikTok “fit into [his] lifestyle” a little better now, so she’s actually dropping out of the “rat race” for the moment.

Ninja, who has lost his Twitch Partner status, announced the announcement that he’s taking a break, telling his viewers that he doesn’t know when to live next. He’s since changed his Twitter handle to “Not Found”, though it has sparked speculation that he’ll be making the move to YouTube Gaming.

The Twitch landscape would change, but it looks like it was ever going to change. Who knows? Possibly bonking on camera is the new meta; streamers like Kimmikka will be starting to expand this gap to remove it. You might’ve no trouble. We’re going to see.

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