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Keffals started rallying against Kiwi farmers in the August 2022 (pic: YouTube).

The Trans Twitch streamer Keffals has finally won the battle against troll forum Kiwi Farms and is now celebrating their demise.

The Canadian transstreamer Clara Keffals Sorrenti began streaming video games in 2021 and has now turned on Just Chatting to talk about trans-rights activism and politics.

Since then, her channel has grown to almost 550,000 followers. The troll forum Kiwi Farms is calling her attention an important force. We’ve tried to swatt her repeatedly.

In August 2022, Keffals even got arrested because she faked claims she possessed a firearm and had already killed her own mother.

Swatting and doxxing are still very serious issues in Twitch culture, with many successful creators taking out dangerous tricks.

Two popular Twitch streams xQc had to move house almost immediately, the police kept showing up until he was given a address by the trolls.

What is the process of picking up?

Swatting signifies answering the police or other emergency services and reporting a major incident, but it’s possible that an armed SWAT team will be sent to a destination. For obvious reasons, Swatting is most common in the U.S., but it does happen elsewhere, as well as is frequently used against influencers, sometimes when live streams.

According to the continued harassment, Keffals started a campaign called “DoDo” to keep the site closed.

After getting the support of hundreds of fans, she finally figured out how to get the company to deal with.

Keffals shared the good news with her fans a little on Twitter and Twitch and say he was celebrating the sites demise and then that we did it right.

We’ve won. Kiwi Farms has died. #DropKiwifarms pic.twitter.com/C2PFWYcYCjDw1x6L4N7L4H1K7F7C5GiVh8Fl3H3Ki-Hydro-Hydro?

Keffals (@keffals) September 5, 2022

She responded to a recent video posted by Kiwi Farms creator Josh Moon that he said about the closure, which was shared by him by other activists and content creator Erin Reed.

In this statement, Josh Moon said the forestry firm shut down had nothing to do with Keffals campaign and that its solely because the fabled farming company is out of the habit.

He revealed that Kiwi Farms has been left untouched by the shield service provider. This left the site vulnerable to DDoS cyber attacks that disrupt normal traffic.

Both the service providers and the farmers applaud, thus trolls can’t operate ever again.

Josh Moon, owners of Kiwifarms, admits that he’s defeated himself. Keffals and its team, many of whom are anonym and whom are never given any thanks, took down the worst internet site.

Only Nazis have been crying in this world. pic.twitter.com/TJ80352G5w/.

Erin Reed (@ErinInTheMorn) September 5, 2022

Keffals says she hopes fewer attempts at harassing content creators will be made now that Kiwi Farms has shut down.

In spite of her campaign and the loss of Kiwi Farms, Keffals said that it would also discourage similar sites from doing so, as it would be suggested earlier, if they were to do more than one thing.

Just before logging off, Keffals addressed harassment, doxxing, swatting, and any other form of online trolling. She said that she’s hoping it brings her some satisfaction.

Keffals has also kept a GoFundMe and has managed to raise over $100,000 for her to move home, as well as his fees and general losses.

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. I could shoot a Twitch streamer that threatened to trespass me a few times for unexpected actions.

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