Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The new PlayStation Plus free games will be released in September 2022. These are only monthly free games. The PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium version of the magazine will soon arrive later in September. As previously revealed, all levels of PlayStation Plus with Essential coming to an end a month are available – Need for Speed Heat, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, and Toem.

There are all the usual caveats here. For example, need for speed and Granblue Fantasy: Versus are available for the PlayStation 4, while Toem is available for the PlayStation 5. All three of the titles will be available for a limited period, and even then only to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The PlayStation Plus premium and other packages can get this with your PlayStation Plus Essential account being the first.

“By doing a fun expedition and your photographic eye is useful for discovering mysteries in this hand-drawn adventure game,” says official description from the Xbox of Toem, the lone title in this month’s monthly games. With weird characters, solve their problem by capturing neat photos and going into a relaxed landscape.

As you mentioned before, the free PS4 game in September 20, 2010, Granblue Fantasy, and ‘Come to the PlayStation 4, Need for Speed Heat, and ‘Forem’, and ‘Forem’, respectively. These are now available, and will soon be done through October 3. On behalf of PlayStation Plus Plus Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Plus Premium is currently available in a lot of countries around the world where PlayStation Plus is offered, so all of these games are available on the tiers. You can see all of our coverage of PlayStation in general here.

What will you find for the PlayStation Plus Essential product for September 2022? Would you like to get any of them out, particularly?

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