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A lot of money was invested in designing a stealth game; whether it is building realistic alien AI or a missions that enable varying degrees of sneakiness. Nevertheless, the genre isn’t worth a beat. The ability to defy the odds by persevering and decreasing violence can be incredibly rewarding. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best stealth titles of all time.

Ghosts of Tsushima Directors Cut off the directors.

The ghost of Tsushima is a lot of things. A great action-adventure title paired with a terrible sword combat. A story well-known with a strong characterization and memorable events. To top it off, stealth is on point, whether assassinating enemies from above, poisoning them from afar or slitting their throats in high hazard. While stealth doesn’t matter as much as it does when the game continues to grow, it reinforces the legend of Jin as the Ghost become a fiercer foe as the skills improve.


Gunpoint is an unorthodox title that includes being an illiteracy spy. But eh not just walking around buildings, tossing people and your own through windows and killing enemies, but also killing your enemies. You have the Crosslink that is able to repair buildings with unexplored technologies. Lure guards and throw doors out from your face. Or just take knocks into the ceiling while driving, or even push out the window. Whatever your approach is, there’s a lot of options and all of them feel enjoyable.


Players control Corvo Attano, an Empress’s bodyguard who had been framed for her murder, in the London-esque setting with steampunk technology. After gaining great powers through The Outsider, he began a campaign to stop the stutter of the Empress. His supernatural powers allow all sorts of methods, whether it be its blinking short distance or requiring plague rats to devour foes. The attention to detail in environments, the incredible mission design, and the ability to influence stories of a lethalality make Dishonored a true classic.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Liberty’s Sons of the Revolution.

Metal Gear Solid masterfully translated the 2D stealth action of its predecessors into the 3D space. But metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty did it, and refined it. The sequel included more imaginative scenarios and a complex story about the world’s wonders and horrors, which saw a lot better AI. The guards would investigate strange noises and check in on each other. Strike teams had body armor and shields available. Of course, because of the improved cover system, Liberties felt more tactical, without being unfair.

Thief 2: The Metal Age.

Even though Thief was a very low-stakes title, it’s considered one of the best stealth titles of all time. Two sandstorms: The Metal Age is a lot better. Looking Glass Studios focus on stealth and stealing multiple methods of thieving. This time the protagonist’s struggle for the safety of the cameras, along with human foes. Fortunately he has a mechanical eye to see the 15 new and massive levels and so he can understand the sound design of his own. Look Glass Studios closed after its release but with Thief Two, its run had a huge impact on the experience.


Combining the mechanics of Metal Gear Solidand with a totalitarian future setting, Volume is a delicate affair. There are 100 levels to play, but since enemies are limited, it’s essential to look at patterns and timing your movement perfectly. It’s a bit boring but also pretty deep, especially as more tools become available, and an level editor gives a wealth of additional content to challenge.

Two little hours in the evening.

Because it boasts its atmosphere, its visuals and world-building, Little Nightmares 2 is a compelling stealth game, too. Many sequences involve the monstrous look of the adult (and other creatures), so you won’t be able to make it difficult to endure any consequences. The strange nature of Pale City, and not knowing what awaits soon adds to the tension as yours deeply concerns the well-being of Six and Mono.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

If Little Nightmares 2 is unsettling, then Amnesia: The Dark Descent is utterly trauma-inducing with its stealth. During an exploration of Brennenburg, you are struggling to regain your memories. When the shadow first arrives and you don’t have any means of fighting back, it becomes a tense struggle for sanity and also your own, as you hide in dark areas and closets so that you can stop me. If it are too long, stay in the dark will actually lower Sanity, which leads to more studies in which people are looking for more to discover. This uneasy experience in life is a remarkable blend of hiding and hiding, trying to get a little hard by avoiding dangers from the terrifying unknown.


After the successful release of Grand Theft Auto and Vice City, Rockstar Games went in a different direction with its next game, Manhunt. When he took part in the unidentified and unfavorable TV show, he reacted quickly. Stealth was therefore paramount, as opposed to executing enemies. However, you can be as slow or as brutal as you want (either way the goal is viewed in end-of-level. Firearms are in play at some points. But what matters is all about was being arrested and executed in a strange manner, the indisputable subject of alarm is now that it is true there is only a naive action.

Shadow Symbols: The Shogun’s Blades.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a squad-based title where players must covertly fulfil their targets. Levels are large and sprawling, offering many opportunities and methods for assassinating targets. There’s a unique kit for every character; Aiko and her disguises, Yukis traps or Takumas rifles. All the different skills they have and their weaknesses, in addition to creatively coordinating their strengths, are important. Due to intelligent AI and powerful mission design, Shadow Tactics remains a very important game for all modern stealth fans.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut Out.

The new book, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, follows the classic classics. It’s an immersive game, with different effects, and so does stealth. The decision to use and move between cover and hide, made all the easier with a third-person camera, is key, and there is a choice for retweeting, to takedowns at the same time and non-lethal. Several missions have been more rewarding in this way, although the Directors Cut is required to succeed against bosses with stealth-oriented players.

Sniper Elite 5:8 is now up for grabs.

While the Sniper Elite series has always been focused on shooting, its stealth mechanics are no exception. Sniper Elite 5 is the most improved in this level; even though a firearm has freedom to go over blazing, there are many options to assinate unidentified foes. Weapons have range adversity, letting you know how far shots can carry; different objects in the environment can protect their sound; enemies are often able to be sung or shot, depending on the need. All in all in the name of lining up that perfect kill.

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell is one of the most popular stealth games in the genre, standing right next to Metal Gear Solid. Like Thief, the first Splinter Cell showed how well hidden the player was. However, it also provided night vision goggles for the dark, and Sam Fisher was able to perform a number of various different tasks, from taking the foes together to building human shields. It was cool, too, to mantle edges and other surfaces, the latter of which was possible by split jumping. Although very punishing compared to previous entries, Splinter Cell gave brilliant missions and led the player to learn more and more secrets.

The Ninja is born by Mark and is now over.

A sleek 2D platformer that kept on the shadows and slashed foes in one hit, Mark of the Ninja was all about making you feel like an assassin. Empowered individuals cannot be seen without sight and their location is not controlled by sound. They investigate odd sounds and pursue you. Any alarms are a good indicator. Of course, along with stealth insta-kills, some people instill fear into their enemies and cause chaos, like avoiding detection and clearing up any light sources. This remastered version provides improved visuals and remastered cinematics, making the stealth look that much sleeker.

Desperados 3

After the success of Shadow Tactics, it only made sense that Mimimi Games will work on the next Desperados project. With the first game and the second game, Desperados 3 is full of unique abilities that one can expect to perform missions, whereas the air of levity has a feeling of freshness. Being careful about enemy patterns and levels is a given. Rather than Showdown Mode is to stop time and monitor squad actions, and simultaneously execute them. Once again the missions have been meticulously planned, whether it is defending a location away from foes or blowing up a bridge, and there is plenty of space to experiment with the seamless quick-save and quick-load experience.

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