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Among the famous actors of the War of the War, as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Isaac Singleton Jr., the mix martial artist Angie Hill, the creator and director of The Flash, the original Thanos film, went on to be funded by the assurer’s assury with the cinching award.

Ahmed Best is the Los Angeles Premiere on June 3 at ArcLight Hollywood. Notes from Kathy Hutchins and

“I was one of the many young black RPG players in my neighborhood,” Best said. We all thought that our characters would look like us. To see an RPG developed to a plurality of cultures as its foundation opens up the world of RPGs to a genre and expands world-building exponentially. I want to see Native and African-influenced worlds become a standard in RPG games.

This book, Where A Nation Was He? : The Sundering: The Nation, which is ours to protect; the DND5e campaign setting book was published by Avv Studios. Created and owned by poet and writer Hannibal Tabu, this is intended as a fantasy setting that reflects a different perspective than many other fantasy offerings and is the one that most Black-owned offering is. The book features new people with the ability to create a multitasking salon with a harrow, barber-powered hairstyle, and an Black woman quinta dominates the fantasy nation. Six months after one hundred feet tall blades of flame smothered the Zwari nation whose image he called “Magic California” by Tabu off the side of its continent, and ended up on the opposite end of an island to a completely different world.

Many notable names, including Eberron creator Keith Baker, legendary actor Phil Lamarr and Critical Role star Taliesin Jaffe, have also taken notice of The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet.

I just backed @Kickstarter. So I want to see what @DamionPoitier and @hannibaltabu do with it!!

Keith Baker (@HellcowKeith) August 12, 2022

Hey fellow D&D nerds! Let’s join “The Nation” and help my buddy @Hannibaltabu and @UHstudios hit the stretch goals only on kickstarter #RollTheDice

Phil LaMarr (@phillamarr) August 26, 2022.

It’s the last day of The Sundering Campaign Book on kickstarter. I can’t wait to see what the two slads of @DamionPoitier and @Hannibaltabu were made for everyone!

Taliesin Jaffe (@executivegoth) September 7, 2022

As of this time the project is financed by over 300% and is in the process of reaching ambitious stretch goals, including a virtual platform like Roll20 and a stream game. In the donation table, we have two shots from popular game maestros B. Dave Walters and A. Jordan Lambert. Bleeding Cool can only show that Lambert has agreed to be depicted in the story as His Glory, Aelia Joseba, the President of the Nation. The final product will be made up of art, including Lambert, Walters, and many other custom NPCs with pledges and participants.

Images with permission used.

The book is set to be published around the beginning of the year. Visit the Kickstarter page for more information.

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