Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

What status did you enter the summer offseason? Did you go to the training camp with Shakhtar? No, not with Shakhtar. I’m not familiar with your situation. They didn’t tell me to come or go. I didn’t know how to do, because I wasn’t in the position.

And how did the option with Metalist 1925 come about? I was talking to Valery Sergeevich for a long time. Obviously, even then he thought of having me on the team. But it’s happened that I made that happen to him in this time. Game practice is important for me now.

Generally, are you on a full-fledged contract of the Metallist 1925 or are you still on loan? I’m on loan for six months.

Did you have a conversation with Igor Jovicevich about your future in Shakhtar? No, no conversations with her.

By anupam

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