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Although the rumors have grown up a few days later than originally thought, Anime Limited is able to finally announce what titles they will be offering for pre-order for the month of September.

This early bird list includes a few films, one television series and a vinyl release. All these have been officially announced throughout the day.

The relations between a world and a world fancies.

Release date: 17th October 2022

After a release, everyone knows about it already, as the company started pre-ordering last Thursday! The Relative Worlds is coming to the Blu-ray and DVD store in a collector’s edition package.

The early bird offer is now available for $29.99 (27 for Anime Unlimited members) and will conclude on Thursday, the 8th September, just before the next early bird title starts.

The set cost $39.99. There are four items available on the set. The film is not made from English speakers, so that it will be presented in Japanese audio with English subtitles. It still doesn’t exist in other English-speaking territories.

The Relative Worlds was released in 2019 in Japan and was helped by filmmaker and writer Yuhei Sakuragi, and the studio Craftar (INGRESS The Animation) along with producer Tomohiko Ishii and music composer Hidehiro Kawai. The distributor included the movie in Japan Foundation Tour Program in 2020, followed by Screen Anime a year later.

Shin Hazama is a normal high school boy living a normal life in Tokyo a life that is going to be turned upside-down when he sees Jin, a boy that isn’t quite like him but claims to be from another world. Jins world is a completely different world to our own where an evil queen named Kotoko is the dictator, taking control of everything – but killing all opposition. Perhaps more important for Shin, Kotokos plan is to increase her realm by invading his world.

Summer Ghost

The first resurgence date: November 14, 2022

Next, we have Summer Ghost coming on Blu-ray & DVD, in a collector’s edition package.

The early bird offer begins Thursday, the 8th Sept for 24.99 (22.50 for Anime Unlimited members).

The set is priced at 9.99 SRP and is in two colours: rigid boxes, Blu-ray case, 36 pages booklet, A3 poster and 4 artcards. Audio options include Japanese and English subtitles, and GKIDS English dub. The documentary To You Before Dawn will also be on Blu-ray.

Summer Ghost is an anime film made out in 2021 by Flat Studio and director loundraw (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas character design) and behind the screenwriter Hirotaka Adachi (Oblivion Island) and composers Akira Kosemura, Guiano, Hideya Kojima and Itoko Toma. The distributer has released the movie theatrically in the year 2021.

A group of high-school students light fireworks in hope of waking up to the ghost of a young woman who has been sighted for many years. Each of the friends has a reason to be there, and upon one night, the living and the dead will be together.

Love me, Love me in no way.

Release date: 28 November 2022.

We have a film that originally was meant to be released on DVD in 2021, then moved to home on YouTube. Love Me, Nobody came to Blu-ray in a collector’s edition package.

Early bird offers begin Thursday 15th September for 24.99 (22.50 for Anime Unlimited members).

With a box in order for three,99 dollars, it contains a Blu-ray case, a booklet with 20 pages, a poster and 4 artcards. There is no English subtitle for the film, so it will be presented in Japanese audio with English subtitles. As for this film, it is yet to be licensed in other English-speaking countries.

One’s Love, One Out Out by The Artist – A 1 and the director Toshimasa Kuroyanagi – released in 2020; another adaptation of the manga that Io Sakisaka wrote, which Viz Media, which has also issued a licence under Shojo Beat label. There are, among the films staff credits, the writer, Erika Yoshida (Tiger and Bunny 2) and the music composer, Yuuji Nomi.

Love Me is an award-winning manga. There is a two-seven-year-old girl with very different perspectives on love, while Akari explains that life in a world where she thinks of a charming and beautiful prince to the relic of a love, rather than by a solitary way. Of course, they aren’t only girls who have their own opinions, and their relations with Kazuomi and Rio might just change their opinions about love in a way they would never imagined.

Live! Nationalidol Club Season 1 includes Nijigasaki High School.

Date of release: 30th November 2022.

Last but not least, we have the first season of Life. Nijigasaki High School Idol Club making their UK home video debut on Blu-rayin a collectors edition package.

This offer begins today 29th September for $339.99 (31,50 for members of Anime Unlimited).

The set costs 59.99 SRP, with rigid boxes, a Blu-ray case, a booklet with 28 pages and a 10 cards. One can have Japanese subtitles and German subtitles.

Love the word “Live”. Nijigasaki High School Idol Club was released during the autumn 2020 season and animated by the studio Sunrise (now known as Bandai Namco Filmworks) and the director Tomoyuki Kawamura (Mitsuboshi Colors). The show staff credits also include Jin Tanaka (Laid-Back Camp) and Naoki Endo, the composer of the music. In terms of the love-live franchise, Anime Limited will also release its second season later in the week, and both seasons of Sunshine will be available for the UK.

The Nijigasaki high school is known for its wide variety of subjects and the freedom they give students. As a second-year student, Yu Takasaki was transformed into school idols. By the way, she knocks the door of the school Idol Club and a friend, Ayumu Uehara. Sometimes friends and rivals, the members of the club contribute their own thoughts and motivations to the group.

Besides the Blu-ray movies, Anime will also release the original soundtrack for Goodbye, Don Glees! on vinyl.

The early bird offer starts Tuesday 22nd September for 34.99 (31,50 for Anime Unlimited members) with the release date set for 31st January 2023. Anime Limited is offering two different versions of the set, black and shop-exclusive.

Now this is all news for Anime.

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