Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Last night, on the 6th of September, World Series of Warzone (EU) was ended with a sober time. With one of the cleanest sweeps imaginable, Italian Warzone player, Nicolo BBlade Maggi won the top spot, both in the Trios and SoloYolo competitions. He earned a fortune in $117,000 and got the tournament crown from Scump, who won the event in remarkable fashion last year.

In 2021, Scump beat the world’s greatest players in the Warzone to secure a 100k loan deal. While he’s back on the world stage today (7th Sept), hell have a lot of work to take the flag off the BBlade rail. For the Italian streamer, this award a career-making victory, and the prize money comes second to the knowledge that he was the best player in the Eurozone.

SoloYolo does that once again.

Last year, a monumental moment in the Call of Duty was when Scump beat Aydan in 1v1. It was a big moment, that was one of the last key events ever to happen on the Verdansk map. Just weeks later, Caldera launched and proceeded to close the attacks.

In the Second World Series of War zone, BBlade mirrored Scumps closing manoeuvres from 2021. He did a double stun tactic to win, precisely what Scump did to disorient his opponent so as to get to the kill. Although he had done that, he wasn’t stunned, and his opponent was obscured and carrying a shield. It was a beautiful moment when the final shots got home and BBlade jumped up from his chair crying in jubilation.

You can get to the top of the BBlades in a fight against it.

However, it doesn’t end with BBlade as he did earlier, and he stormed to victory in the Eurofinals. With Waartex and Savyultras90, BBlade beat thirty-nine other teams to the beat, going on a spree with his squad and taking the 50-year prize just by 0.5 points. It was a great tournament for BBlades, who made history in just a few hours.

What’s left of Warzone?

Now the World Series of Warzone 2022 season is almost over. This is far from over, as North America’s best Call of Duty players prepare for the NA Finals for the Battle of the United States. I’ll see the Trios and SoloYolo event again. Both are offering a combined prize pool of 300,000 dollars.

There are forty teams entering the five-car race, all of them storied competitors in the call of duty space. On the top of the expectations table sits the likes of Fifakillz, Blazt, Scump, Huskerrs, Aydan, ZLaner, and Tommey, all extremely competent players. This is probably the biggest esports tournament in the Warzone space. On the multitude of streams that will be hosted today, the 7. September, the attention will be on.

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