Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

If there’s an item stuck in his aorts and you can’t reach it behind the telescope in Merlins? Perhaps something is missing in Donalds boat house too much, and now its stuck between the couch and the table, so you can’t get here? You should know that you aren’t the only one with the irrefutable items issue in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Read on to learn how to fix this problem and reach something that you can’t reach in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Cant find the item at Disney Dreamlight Valley, Donalds House & much more in the Magical Dreamlight Valley, or a few blocks away in the Magical Dreamland.

Unfortunately, as is an early access title, the game is still hard on the edges. There are still quite a few bugs and issues that need to be polished. For example, one of these problems is related to various item rewards. Characters like Donald and Merlin will take advantage of the rewards set up on the ground. Sometimes they drop these items so you can’t reach them. We saw a thought falling in an unreachable place at Merlins house between the telescope and the window.

Of course, in Donald’s boat house, the quest reward is stuck between the table and the couch, and you won’t get it no matter what you try. This is, as it seems, quite frustrating. You can’t pick up the item and progress the quest. We even saw a player reporting an item being stuck in a cave a few years ago. So, what’s the solution when you can’t get something for Disney Dreamlight? However, to our knowledge, there have been no 100% workarounds, not in the moment.

Several players report that leaving and entering a house where the item is stuck a couple of times could fix the problem. Others claim to be able to restart the game a few times. Keep in mind that these are not valid solutions, and that some players say they don’t work. We must wait for a fixed bug to happen soon.

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