Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

If you buy the one who pay for an average price for Sunday’s All Out event will re-open in the history books, it’s not necessarily going to be true.

Don’t expect anybody who is from the presumptive backstage brawl to work together anytime soon.

In many reports, CM Punk and Ace Steel fought backstage with the Executive Vice Presidents, Matt and Nick Jackson. In summary, the defenders of the law allegedly slugged the misunderstanding after expressing his sin.

CM Punk was hyped after winning the AEW World Championship against John Moxley. Sadly, Punk couldn’t keep his temper in balance at the AEW media scrum. Punk called out many people, including the AEW EVPs and Adam “Hangman.” The new AEW World Champion described the former as “irresponsible” while he used the phrase “empty-headed dumb f***” for the latter.

There are conflicting reports for what’s happened before. Some say that Punk hit Matt Jackson first. Ace Steel, according to the police, thrown a chair at Nick Jackson. But, the other parties say that the Young Bucks began the fight after they “barged” into the locker room. Any way, the lack of footage suggests that this isn’t a fabricated fight.

Some rumors suggest that AEW will fire Punk soon.

Most likely we’ll discuss in the next episode of Dynamite, on Wednesday. If AEW attempts to sweep it under the rug and act like nothing happened, it’s best to ensure that something is happening.

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