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Henry Cavill will be an old man when this is not going to happen (pic: CD-Projekt).

The Wednesday letters page asks for a definition of what’s and isn’t retro, as one reader admits that it likes playing the most popular games.

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From the start there’s no way to buy Cyberpunk 2077 DLC. This game was just a disappointment for me, but I don’t want to remind myself of this game, particularly if I pay for that privilege. I can’t pretend I’d love Witcher 4 if it’s about.

The TV show helps me to pay attention to that, but it seems a long time ago, we’ve also had that kind of epic role-playing game.

Elden Ring was great, but the story was completely different from The Witcher 3, which was one of the best features. Since there were many real fantasy shows around the moment, it seems that we had a great Tolkien-esque open world role-player that is odd to me.

It seems funny how games and movies/TV always seem so nonpartisan. The Witcher 4 was definitely not released for years. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if it came out like that on TV.Rosti.

It seems obvious that besides a contractual reason, Keanu Reeves would be a good man. I’m sure hell still give it 100%, he always does, but he is completely satisfied with a fact that he has been related to one of the famous disasters of recent videogame history.

Not to say that Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t been born into something halfway decent now but its reputation is forever ruined and honest. Im surprised they’re even doing paid-for DLC, instead of putting all the tidbits behind them and moving on to The Witcher or whatever.

Not to mention that Im surprised because they think DLC is profitable. I know microtransactions and cosmetics are but I thought that big story-based expansions weren’t more. They certain went out of fashion towards the end of the Xbox 360 era, but I’m not sure whats brought them back.

That’s not entirely true because who doesn’t like more of their favourite game, but as much as often I find them that they become a bored afterthought that is very expensive as most sequels. Do you know whether Cyberpunk 2077 breaks the mouldFocus?

They’ve chosen and each other: the letter in which they wanted to appreciate unpopular games is certain. I’m quite an expert in this field. I have been rolling out for about 60 hours before Fallout 76.

I’ve spent 450 hours in Warhammer 40,000. Inquisitor Martyr. It’s an action game involving Diablo and the like, and didn’t review very well at first, but was constantly updated and cared for by NeocoreGames to become the hidden gem of the old generation.

I also enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda, a lot. I can continue on for two pages at least.r-s-w.

Familiar pointsDo you guys ever watch this new film in God of War rapnarok and just lose your interest in it? It looks exactly the same as the original. If youd told me that was not a sequel I would have believed you, assuming this was a low effort expansion where they just copied and pasted what they had already and changed the backdrop a bit.

I enjoyed the reboot of God Of War, but it was so interesting and different at that time. If the sequel is only going to be the same thing again, but Im not really that interested, especially as an axe and ice powers and Blades of Chaos – fire – is just as uninspired.

Now that GC mentions it, where’s all the players? Did that ever explain? If people weren’t interested in the realm of the dwarves, where did they all belong? Why isn’t human being about? I assume that there was a reason for that, but honestly I didn’t remember it.

The last copy I received Games Pass a reason, as it isn’t possible to pay, but now I’ll use Xbox Live gold only to play online games. Anyway, I have Wasteland 3 and enjoy it. However, my Gold expires at the end of September and I like to play it. There are no used copies in Northern Ireland.

I know your review said it didn’t sell well but no? It is the only game store I know. I know Cash Converters sell games, but it’s hard to find the best deals online.

I still intend to order this, but I can’t believe those results.

And yes, I know, the need for a used copy is not good, but I have vouchers for CeX, so I should get it.Bobwallett’s (whole) is the man who makes the move.

GC: As a low-resversion, they probably didn’t print many discs. Is eBay unobtrusive to you?

Even though I would like to hear what the GC and readers think about the recent interactions I’ve had with EnergyA and Valve.

I acquired F122 on the steam deck on the 9th August and managed nearly two hours of play with it before patch 1 fell tuesdays. I contacted the EA, who made a little noise about the question at the time of the issue but went silent for a week (after a small fix for other users).

Since the patch was on Reddit, the EA support forum, and the Steam community forum since the game went live, I gave up, and asked Valve for a refund. A little bit of a positive response. I noticed today, when I submitted my request, the game was reduced in price from 459.99 to 32.49, but has still been marked as Steam Deck Verified.

As long as I have received the email, I am going to give an apology, so that I can say that my request for a refund has been rejected, since the date of purchase reaches two weeks. Since my perspective, there is no way to appeal this ruling. I can’t actually contact Valve to discuss the situation without noticing.

GC: Have they got the right to complain about it being over two weeks? They stick hard to this rule.

Your definitionHow are you defining the retro version for this week’s Hot Topic? Can you give us one that must have x or to be before this console is going to be used?

Or is it just the reader to decide and there’ll still be people complaining four weeks later about the news and the video game isnt retro?

GC: There’s no official definition, but we always take it to mean something two generations old or more. As far as Xbox 360 is concerned, it’s backwards.

Industries giantsI know who Microsoft thinks theyre fooling when they say Call Of Duty will be multiformat for several years. That can only mean it won’t be after that time. I would also like to know what their definition of several is.

Microsoft will make it an exclusive as soon as they can, with what theyve said so far and once they know these government investigations have already finished. I cant blame them, in a sense, it’s just to them, but that’s going to unbalance the gaming industry, and probably make Xbox the dominant position long term.

Does anyone really want that? Are there even the fans for Xbox? Anyone can be on top of this generation. Sometimes Sony, sometimes Nintendo, and of course since the first time since then, they came close to the Xbox 360. The problem is that dominating a generation was achievable for everyone. Today, Microsoft has been pushing everyone out of the market. Well, everybody else than Amazon and Apple, and you know how well that went when Google tried to delve into the games industry.

Inbox with ringI want to thank Masayasu Ito for designing some great kits, particularly the PSP. Many, many happy hours of game, film, music and podcasts on that wonderful machine. Good retirement.

It would be nice if Sonic Frontiers was a great game despite all the bad vibes. I admit I’m part of the problem, but I’ll probably get it regardless of what the reviews are. And I’ve already admitted there’s a fifty/50 chance I’ll regret it.Landmark’s small city is worth the money.

This weeks sexy topicThe subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by Dennis, who asked which retro video game has all gone better?

Retro gaming is big business nowadays, but it is just so popular with remasters and remakes, which aim to make older games more palatable to modern audiences, but whose games do you think hold up the best and not able now as it always was?

How good are the graphics, and why do you think they’re more durable than the other time? Do you play the game in its original form? Would you change it if a remaster or a remake of that kind of game?

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All games are released: The tyre of Elden Rings, the immortal immortality, and the Call Of Duty installation.

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