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PlayStation has been trusted for almost 30 years. It is not only about technical achievements in hardware and software, but also about innovation on the field of interactive storytelling. In this special, I want to introduce you to the big milestones in PlayStation history and explore the future.

A unique success story was founded on December 3, 1994. That Saturday, Sony released its first PlayStation in Japan, which became the most successful gaming platform of all time. The successor PlayStation 2 has now achieved the highest ranking in the prestigious ranking with more than 150 million units sold. The reason for the success of the brand up to the actual PlayStation 5 is numerous. Two of the most important is the innovative hardware and developers that were ahead of time and who, on this basis, achieved exceptional technical, playful, and, in the still young medium of video games, also narrative excellence. This special would be interesting to you when it comes to some of the most important milestones of the year. Where only we look at the last ten. So we didn’t start at the start of the PlayStation success story, but rather that one of Naughty Dog’s masterpieces for the third PlayStation.

Hero duo is unforgettable.

The protagonists had nearly no longer had to play the game in the ocean. While veteran gamers often remember titles like Doom released in the early 1990s, they still don’t have much thoughts about that space-marine to share with others. But that has changed over the years, because most of the story itself became more sophisticated, not only the character itself, but also the characters themselves. Whether Final Fantasy VII or Tomb Raider on PlayStation, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PS2, or Quantic Dreams Interactive’s Heavy Rain on PlayStation 3 all set the bar even higher for their time. She outshone the duo of heroes in a game he would have expected to veto a unsided action bias.

In fact, the original version of The Last of Us also offers a roaring survival action and technically made everyone out of the PS3. The Naughty Dogs Adventure became an important era in video games history thanks to their protagonists Joel and Ellie. The naive Joel and his 14-year-old son make their way across the United States, ravaged by an mysterious pandemic. The distance between life-tittle Joel, who lost his daughter when the plague broke out, and cheeky Ellie is at first great. It is the logical reason that when author Neil Druckmann struggles with ainfected and warmed survivors, he gets to focus on this relationship, which becomes a true friendship. What is easy to tell is how, like that Ellie, who initially seems to be just a little more than a sidekick, has a tendency to pull smuggler Joel out of Boston and become increasingly in the realm of the actual protagonist. So later on the latter is being fully regulated and insisted on swapping roles. The perfect cast of actors like Troy Baker and Ashely Johnson, digitized for the game, helps the emotional band of the characters they play. The last of us game has hardly seemed to be topped, given the opportunity that it’s interactive storytelling. Then about 7 years later, that’s exactly what happened at the next time we had special events.

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