Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Communication is a key to success in the professional world, whether in the leading team or in the landing team. Although many people are intrinsic communicators, people can, without practice and with patience, learn to create connections effectively.

This eight-course bundle includes 16 hours of experience-led training on how to improve your business skills. The content is provided by Skill Success, an online learning platform that specialises in skills development to help professionals achieve their desired goals in technology, project management, marketing, design and, of course, communication.

Each lesson highlights an important aspect of interpersonal relationships. You could learn from the exercises like coaching, networking, and organization building. Some skills are to clarify expectations, to minimize misunderstandings, to de-escalating tense situations in the workplace, to managing emotions, and more.

A Better Business Professional Skills Bundle comes on sale for $29.99.

The Better Business Professional Skills Bundle 9.99 dollars.

Build an existing work relationship.

Prices may fluctuate.

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