Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Today, software developers release two airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

DominicDesignTeam opened the Pensacola International Airport (KPNS) in Florida.

The tidbit is $17.86 plus applicable VAT.

  • PBR Textures
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Real Ground Markings are real.
  • Custom, meticulously handcrafted pavement – with all kinds of imperfections including dirt and dirt – shows all the imperfections, including dirt and dust.
  • Custom jetway
  • Custom animation objects, passenger animation, bus airport animation.

Source: DominicDesignTeam

Next is Stealthy Duck, which released Forth Worth Alliance Aerospace (KAFW) in the Texas area.

This cargo-focused airport is available on Simmarket for $15,98 plus VAT.


  • Over 40 custom ground markings/textures have been added.
  • In addition to thirty+ handmade buildings, a total of more than 70 handcrafted scenery objets are collected.
  • Taxisigns, Wigwags, Hold short light bars, keep short.
  • Runway extension of 16 and the additional taxiway Alpha to ends of 16L-R.
  • Taxiway Papa, P1 and P2 emce into the Amazon Air Hub (no stock) (their name is not known).

A model is unique.

  • Amazon Prime Air Hub.
  • Hillwood Airways
  • TCC Aviation School/ Erma C. Johnson Hadley Northwest Center of Excellence.
  • Robinson Aerospace
  • Fort Worth Fire Station #35.
  • GDC Technics
  • KAFW weather, FBO and hangars.
  • FedExpress’s headquarters and the shipping center are located in America.
  • Paramount Aerospace Systems, Inc.
  • ATAC Aviation Advantage Company, a strategic company.
  • Dickies Wharehouse
  • Custom Beacon
  • KAFW Tower with red, blue and red lighting custom made.
  • Honor Gaurd Memorial Freedom Plaza.
  • and much more!

Last but not least, it was speaking of cargo focus when the Pyreegue announced its upcoming East Midlands Airport, the UK, with a screen showing the ultra-detailed model of the tower, that you can see below.

Image Source: Pyreegue.

I wish you all the time, The Twin Otter,Delta Air Force,Delta Aircraft,Muslim Aircraft,Swedesta Aircraft,Word Warcraft,Seoul Aircraft,Sujand,Loyal Aircraft,Silenyi-Adri Airport,Daida Airspace,Sydney,Kidney,Frano Aircraft,Sintorney,Jair International,Gr We also have a beta preview of Singapore’s Changi airport.

If you want to learn more about the game itself, read our review which will tell you everything you need to know about Asobo Studios game.

Windows 10. and Steam support the Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Xbox X|S.

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