Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

A Minecraft modder decided to make matters easier and set up his own in-game stats. This video game is perfect for it to dispell the boredom, since it has fun. It’s therefore very useful to see the progress made. Many people like to see how their character behaves in the world: from the distance to the damage received during that game, a list of numbers symbolizing the progress they have progressed.

It is certain that fans can come in and change the game in one way or another, and the latest addition is not uncommon. Minecraft has many mods, some of which might turn Minecraft into a new game. For example, there’s a mod that adds loads of furniture like tables and chairs. There’s also a Mod for astronauts called GalactiCraft that allows players to explore different planets with biomes and adds the ability to craft technology advanced items such as vehicles, rockets, and solar panels.

Even if players work to improve their situation, many want to see what they’ve achieved so far. This is where the Better Stats Screen comes in. The Minecraft mod does exactly what it says on the cover, and provides a much more detailed list of players’ stats. The video shows what to expect and is full of information on how many people interact with items. I think, for example, there’s a statistics show the length of trees cut down and an eating section to make players think how much food they were eaten. The mod also contains tabs and an index bar, so that you can get access to certain stats. Anyone can download it on the Curse Forge website.

While some people still think Minecraft is like an adult game, there are plenty of adults out there who enjoy figuring out this blocky world. Even without a mod, Vanilla Experience is filled with endless content and limited creativity, so it’s no wonder that the game is relevant to this day.

Although Mojang continues to release the update to this game, it’ll be a long time since Minecraft was completely lost in the game. Due to the fact that the community is creating mods to extend the game life, the Open World sandbox will continue to be a favorite for the next several years.

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