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The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel has released a trailer to give trainers more information on what to expect from Violet andScarlet.

In one trailer, we learned that a trainer stooped three Grand Stories throughout the game and the rest of the trailer was learning what they are.

First of all, he is about tackling rebellious students on Starfall Street. These school problems are solved by teachers and have become part of Team Star. Team Star will have a fire crew (and probably another crew), and this crews leader goes by Mela.

Pokemon (@Pokemon) September 7, 2022

The second Grand Story is about a legendary Hera Mystica, which is to be guarded by Titan Pokemon. It’s expected to be beat by the trainer.

The first grand story will be the familiar gym challenges. Seeing what we expect is the first gym leader who specializes in grass-type Pokemon using a Sudwoodo, a Rock-type Pokemon. However, the leader of the group, Terrestal, is the Southernwood to make it a Grass-type group.

Brassius, also known as the Verdant Virtuoso, is the master of artazon, a town with flowers and art.

He always looks for artistic performance and uses his Gym Test as a tool to discern and develop the athletic ability of the Trainer.


Pokemon (Pokemon) September 7 – 2022

All three stories are part of the larger task of Treasure Hunt that the student is tasked with.

We also learned about three new Pokemon in this trailer: Armarouge (a Fire, Psychic, Ceruledge (a Fire, Ghost) and Klawf (that is the Stony Cliff Titan).

Finally, there is a feature that wasn’t discussed in the trailer and quickly appeared in the trailer, ‘Auto Battles’, which tells your Pokemon to embark upon an adventure. In ScarletandViolet,you can use Lets Go! option for sending Pokemon to the direction you want it to. Lets go in and get the items back and into a battle.

Three story-telling stories will fit into your adventure while you walk through the sprawling Paldea area.

Victory Road

Legends are the land of the Alps.

Starfall Street

Which adventure are you going to begin first?

Pokemon (Secretemon) Sept.

With the aforementioned Lets Go, an auto battle activates, so that Pokemon can fight wild monsters without the help of a trainer. Once they battle, you can stay with your Pokemon or go on and leave them to it. Your Pokemon will gain experience and sometimes even find new items.

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet will debut on Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

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