Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Pokemon TCG fans are now looking first at the promo cards included in the October Sword and Shield Ultra Premium Collection. They’re going to want to get the full backs of their first purchase.

This product has three promos, one a regular V version, and the other two VMAX and VSTAR. Each of these has unique art that looks incredible.

Image was posted by The Pokemon Company.

The Pokemon, titled Charizard V, are playing with a leaf in the oblique sky while Venusaur relaxes on a rock. This card is a traditional model, but based on a completely new art style, Charizard VMAX has some unique designs.

What will make the most popular card from that product, the Charizard VSTAR card, which boasts some of the best animated Pokemon TCG stories.

One sees how Charizard is going over to Mewtwo on this card.

The Pokemon Company created its image.

The items that it will be the hot item of this new product will be quite popular. Outside, a playmat with Gigantamax Charizard, 65 card sleeves, a metal coin, damage counter dice, condition markers, a VSTAR sword & Shield, and a players guide.

Those who also participate in the Pokémon TCG Live mobile and PC game will score a code which is used in the game.

The Pokemon is currently running now and is scheduled to get launched on Oct. 28. If you don’t want to miss it, you’ll likely want to secure it soon.

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