Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

FuturLab is known better for Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2X, but its latest indie hits are a bit crazy. PowerWash Simulator is a simulation game about washing things. That’s pretty much that. On May 21, the company launched a PC via Early Access in May 2021.

It was released in July and is available in the PlayStation and Xbox One platforms, while Game Pass. How simple the premise sounds, PowerWash Simulator provides many different jobs – from small to complex, to various tasks and includes tools and upgrades. You can also adjust your look with different hats and gloves.

The co-op and free play are available for up to six players. Challenge Mode is also available for those who want something a bit tougher, whether its washing in the allotted time or using water as fast as possible. What’s the other way? Keep in the eye on some updates.

Over 3 million people played PowerWash Simulator. Thank you!

PowerWash Simulator – PowerWashSim 9 October 2022

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