Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

These statements come through two updated responses, dated 2 September and recently posted on the Competition Tribunals website.

As previously stated, the Commissioner supprimed Rogers taking Shaw over as unreliable. As far as Rogers had previously been concerned, the bureau says he wasn’t aware of the harms that he faced at the merger and the plans to sell Freedom Mobile to Videotron could have on the Canadian economy.

The Commissioners responded because of the proposed release of Freedom, the result was the resilience of the planned competition, which would put on the legal harm of a company. Aside from the recent increase in demand of Shaw Mobile delivered in Alberta and Canada, the sale won’t replace the growing competition that launched under a single-handed trader, and while customers were at Rogers’ expense.

A significant increase in freedoms competitive value under Shaws ownership shows the significant benefits that Freedom received from Shaw.

It was also stated that Rogers had a mistake in saying that his takeover of Shaw would help the competition against Bell and Telus. Severing Freedom Mobile from Shaws wireline business will significantly compromise his ability to compete, and provide the national carriers much-needed competitive discipline.

The response states that actions will eliminate Shaw mobile while weakening Freedom Mobile, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

In the updated response to Shaw, Commissioners’ application states that Shaw underestimated its importance on the wireless market. The launch of Shaw Mobile was successful, with the intent to increase the profitability of the telephone, and reduce the telephone customers’churn.

Source: Competition Tribunal.

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