Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Physical CS:GO pins are hard to come by and most fans over-value, but each one of them has somehow managed to collect each other.

The author of the CS:GO-subreddit named TomnomnomnomCS shared the collection on the website. All 33 pins are displayed in metal frame behind glass. In each frame, there are a series of pins in the different directions. This is the left and left showing first series, the right and second, and the third in the third.

Completed my collection of all three shapes and sizes. GlobalOffensive is a global provider of physical pins.

It’s a hardcore CS:GO fan whose physical pins are valuable because they’re limited to a specific event, especially majors. You can’t just pick the pins you want, either.

Every pin has its own rarity and thus it’s harder to find than others. The two “Purcha” and the “Purchase” are the red rarities. The Guardian elite is the rarest of all the players.

Despite the fact that the packages that include the pins at Valve events aren’t expensive, their prices on eBay have skyrocketed. Some blue rarest ones cost around $50 compared to rarest ones worth the same to a few hundred dollars. TomnomnomnomCS claims that the collection cost is $1,500.

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