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Gameloft introduced Disney Dreamlight Valley in early access on PC and consoles. This game is a life-sim adventure where players can create avatars and delve into a different Disney theme.

Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t allow players to change their avatars outfit. Even in the event of change in the avatar’s outfit, the game does not save changes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley player cant change their avatars clothes.

Many players (two, three, six and seven) report an issue where they cannot change their avatars in the Wardrobe section.


The matter is the same. It is my character through the Scrooge McDuck Store Top, but then immediately goes back to the clothes I was wearing. Source

I can’t change my outfit and can’t only wear my avatar with the tool. It means that I can’t save the grand reopening quest of the scrooge men who have to wear his shirt. Anyone else has this problem or know a fixed solution? Source

The problem is mainly that players aren’t able to save their avatars outfit. In the event of a change in outfits, it seems advisable to revert to its original clothing.

Moreover, the problem triggered as a player inserted their avatars into a later location. They are now facing problems while they finish the Scrooge quest.

Various players are unable to claim complete pack items in their Wardrobes, however. This is preventing them from adding preferred clothing items to their characters and avatars.

Official acknowledgment and potential difficulties is known.

Fortunately, developers acknowledged the problem. It is going to be able to fix that with an upcoming hotfix, so we can help.


The developers gave a workaround, while also assisting the affected players. The video shows a few others.

As a precaution, enter your Wardrobe and replace each coffer with an item owned, which wasn’t ported with your avatar. This should help you maintain your clothing. Source

This problem may result from the avatar’s neckwear. The affected can then also try the following workaround.

Click on the source (click / tap to view)

We hope that the problem gets resolved soon, so that players from Disney Dreamlight Valley can easily change their avatars clothes. Keep an eye on the future and update your article accordingly.

This image was created by the Disney Dreamlight Valley in the movie.

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