Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

As Fortnites Fire is finished, with new quests and rewards, it’s time to learn the maths from fire.

Fortnite brings back some items from the vault in themed weeks. Recently, we had Shadow of Phantasm Week, which saw the return of smoke bombs, and and even the suppression of weapons.

This time, players can use fire-based weapons in order to complete incredible quests.

Here are all the quests and challenges for Fortnites Fire as well as the rewards for each new competition.

Make all Fortnite Fire with Fire Week Quests.

Here are all the challenges you’ll need to complete with Fortnite Fire as well as the rewards they offer:

Against a pure slurp, a powerful, free pistol, a devil, a sharp weapon, a simple weapon, and a straight object ( – 5 0 – The weapon / 3 n° / /10 XPtrn/–Phews/Peyer ( /13) and a weapon /30 ( /150)Xpt over a remark to a lurp

It is obviously evident that you will need to use some new fire-based weapons to complete these quests. Here’s where you can find the Dragon Breath Shotgun and Primal Flame Bow in Fortnite.

During this event, the Firefly Jars and the Chug Cannons will be easier to find, so don’t worry about finding these challenges too difficult.

These quests aren’t available yet. After the event passes, we’ll update the sum of the XP for every quest. The event begins at 6am and ends at 9am.

It’s one of the last events that got underway before the Fourth Season of Fortnite: Until the fifth week of the season comes, take care of completing these to finish your Battle Pass.

As you return to Fortnite, there is plenty of more events to attend next season.

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