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When remember when everybody wondered if Niner Automata had a hidden church? As soon as the sightings of a mysterious door followed by days of intrigue, it was revealed to be a hoax instead, it was an ambitious project by a trio of Nier modders.

Now the mod once thought impossible to make finally had been released to the public. ITS OUT, said DevolasRevenge via Twitter.

Here’s the picture that is on you: https://t.co/HKgPZaDS VJ pic.twitter.com/vvpyO1Jy9U.

DevolasRevenge (@DevolasRevenge) September 7, 2022, 2022.

The Nier: Automata mod was originally unveiled on Reddit. One user claimed he discovered a whole new area that was never previously seen.

I think my game has a problem since I remember a lot of times but I don’t think that my game is fixed so I don’t know how to fix it, and a cup has random letters, or Korean, they said. Maybe I have to restart the game or retry the boss again or maybe I’ve probably taken too long to beat him.

What was happening was days of mystery, as the Nier community began grappling with the never-before-seen area, believing theory and theory were about what was happening in the moment. And while some fans may have been disappointed with the fact that this is not an official tease, many in the community have embraced this as a new era for the series, given that modding the game was thought to be practically impossible.

Now, the Nier Automata Church Mod can be downloaded on the Nexus Mods platform, so it allows users to take the plunge and see what all of the fuss was about.

Nier Automata’s Church Saga – The Reveal of Who hid it in The Word. 3 Images

Thanks everyone for all the while on the road, said the mods’ map designer DevolasRevenge. Whether you had anticipated the outcome or not, I hope you enjoyed the impact. It was never meant to blow up this big, but it was meant to confuse a few people on Twitter.

The team created an impressive mod out of the pity of being a smug of mystery for a few days. This project opens up new possibilities for Nier modding. We could see more of these large projects in the future.

IGNs Nier: Automata review gave 8.9/10 and said that Nier: Automata is a crazy, beautiful, and highly entertaining journey full of nutty ideas and awesome gameplay. It might not be the most sensical or compelling characters, but its fierce combat is the key to the pass up of the movie. Apart from beautiful visuals and a beautifully soundtrack, it is much fun to play with.

Would you like more about the Automata book? The new version of the switch is due now.

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