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The energy crisis in Europe is forcing the CERN or CERN leaders to develop plans for an emergency shutdown of experiments. That report claimed plans to suspend a number of auxiliary accelerators will be handed over to CERN donors in September. These measures allow a wide range of products and services to protect the most valuable instrument of the organization, the Large Hadron Collider, against damage. They don’t plan on stopping her.

Image Source: Keystone / Christian Beutler.

In spring of this year, the LHC acheted the next phase of modernization and entered the third working cycle (Run3) using a 3.6-teve pron collision power. This level promises to double the speed of research, as the intensity of the accidents will increase, and the number of events will increase. On the other hand, CERN has decided not to renew cooperation with Russian and Belarusian scientists after expiration of the previous agreement, which expires in summer and autumn of 2024. But the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine will, too, affect European research and scholars from other countries.

In a talk about the Wall Street Journal, Serge Claudet, head of the CERN energy management commission, said: “We really worry about the system’s stability. We’re doing everything we can to save the power in our area.

During peak hours, CERN equates to 200 MW. This is approximately 30 % of GM located just in the street area. One order is that a reduction in electricity consumption in the region should be at least 15%, then CERN will also impact the city. The LHC will not necessarily stop; however, some accelerators of this complex need to be transferred to flexible work schedules or scheduled shutdowns. It is for this purpose that the French energy company EDF SA urges the ad-hoc environmental committee to warn about the need for a reduction of consumption a day.

It will be possible to protect the 4,4 billion dollars LHC from emergency shutdowns. You shouldn’t do some experiments on it, although there are several accelerators that could influence the work schedule and work at the Large Hadron Collider. The shutdown of other accelerators in the CERN complex will increase energy consumption by 25%.

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