Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

As soon as this year marks 50 years since the first volume of the iconic “The Rose of Versailles” announcing a new film was released.

If you love a movie, then a special video was released on the other side.

The anime series began in 1972 and ended in 1974 with the third volume. There has been the revival of manga with the 11th volume in 2014 and the second edition has been with the 14th volume released in 2018. This is not all in Japan, however, a lot of the series’ rumor has remained in the English area.

Large manga/manga seller Rightstuf describes the manga as the queen of shojo-style and explains that story in English as follows:

Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes is a young noblewoman raised by her father as a son. As the commander of Marie Antoinettes palace guard, Oscar is brought to a unique place with the luxury of the King Louis XVI’s court at Versailles. Oscar, which led by Grasso and André, is a lover of the royal world.

The new film will be the first animated version from the Rose of Versailles from 1982 to 1982.

I don’t have any official details at all, nor are we on a date for release, but we’ll keep you updated once more about this monumental collection of the monumental statue of Versailles.

On the subject of anime films, Crunchyroll announced the full slate of anime films that will be popping up all September. The possibility that Bleach returns and Haikyu!! is considered the strongest sport manga.

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