Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The power consumption of the console has been reduced.

The output of the console is also coming down.

The PlayStation 5 is released at the end of August. Officially, the console only became lighter, but YouTuber Austin Evans disassembled the device and took a look at what was changed inside.

For comparison, the original PlayStation 5-Revision, which started with 1000 and 1100 characters, was destroyed by his comrades in 2021. It turned out that the engineers of Sony redesigned the consoles’ motherboard and changed the cooling system.

The motherboard of the new revision 1200 was noticeably bigger than its predecessors. Finally, the console got several different heat pipes and new heatsinks on both sides of the board.

The console body remained roughly the same as before; no other hole came in. Outwardly, nothing has changed. The holes are closed with a patch panel.

According to tests conducted by Austin, the revised PlayStation 5 is more energy efficient: the watts are in excess of 20-30 watts for the new versions. At that time, the heat dissipation of the console remains at the same level.

It’s noteworthy that Sony moved the battery that powers the CMOS memory under the radiator. Now to reset the memory, the cooling system is going to drop.

This is interesting.

Think of a single gizzle a 2077 op-edition: one-piece version with the more detailed details.

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