Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

As Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date becomes much closer, we keep learning more about games being released, so we can continue to learn more about this generation. A huge number of new info from the latest movie reveals new insights for the game.

As you can see in the picture below the new Look Your Treasure trailer, we have a new crab Pokemon called Klawf. This trailer shows a standard and a totem-like version of the new mon. Totem Pokemon were introduced in Sun and Moon: they were usually boss versions of standard Pokemon that were much larger than their regular forms. In Scarlet and Violets case, they are named Titan Pokemon. You’ll battle them while completing the part of the story of Arvens your classmate. Arven finds rare, special ingredients that make a dish with the Herba Mystica, and each one is rated a Titan Pokemon. So far we have only seen one, so is our new crab friend Klawf.

We also met several enemies in the new trailer. In its past, the players have caught tangles with villainous groups, like Team Rocket and Team Skull. So Scarlet and Violet will compete against Team Star. They’re the most angry students of all time studying at the college that the player goes to. Their outfits will differ depending on the mode of play you play. Other costumed, red and green, but no matter what you play, you have to tinker with them and take out team stars.

We’ve met one of these up so far. Her name is Mela and she is the team leader of the Stars. In the trailer, she shows that she sent Torkoal to a spotless side while standing on the Starmobile. The Starmobile must be defeated, as is the engine, which look like a new Pokemon, too.

It was a very big trailer; but there was still more to learn before the new Pokemon generation gets ready. The release date for Scarlet and Violets is Friday, November 19.

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