Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Sony updated the internal design in the latest PlayStation 5. The updated PS5 last month appeared in Australia. Austin Evans, the YouTuber who visited his innards, found a lot of changes. Sony is upgrading a new, smaller motherboard, a slightly different cooling system, and a redesigned SSD-compiler.


The change made the console feel full while its appearance was entirely preserved. The new computer is a small scale. The PS5 cooler got a new heat crate, but the fan has smashed.

This isn’t the first time that company has changed the PS5s cooling. Last year, Sony released an updated model with a smaller heatsink. According to Evans, the new motherboard with heatsink of the year is now weighing around 1,1 kilograms, which is 400 grams lighter than the original design.

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Sony has changed the motherboard layout. The CMOS battery is now completely hidden under the heatsink. It was now an open place that made it easier for you to remove the prefix so you need to completely remove it.

The updated SSD design hides the circuit board behind a metal plate. The researcher suggested that Sony have improved the drive’s cooling.

The change to the PlayStation 5 reduced power consumption by 20-30 o’clock. Evans suggests that by making the changes, the company cut down the cost of the console. Interestingly, the changes coincided with the PS5-Priced Growth in many countries.

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Sources: The Verge, Austin Evans.

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