Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Diplomacy is excellent when two letters in AI are for intelligence and you don’t know what.

Despite the fact that the global strategy of humankind, which was supposed to become a full-fledged competitor to Sid Meiers Civilization, and have developed a network of pseudo-historical representatives of this type, was justified, rather than suggested, the project continued to develop. For example today, the developers announced an add-on called Together We Rule.

While the name is confusing, the essence of that expansion is mostly devoted to two mechanics: diplomacy and espionage. With the help of diplomacy, you can create your own ambassadors in foreign civilizations, and, eventually, form a world congrès (a-la) whose mission is to resolve the problems of mankind.

A lone of the oldest human activities, espionage means being able to send agents to other countries and generate a new resource called “Leverage” that can be translated as lever impact.


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At the same time, expect new cultures like Bulgarians, Swiss, Scots, Singaporeans and others, new natural wonders, cultural wonders and narrative events. The Release of the Together We Rule addition-on should take place before autumn.

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