Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Cloudflare blocked the “transphobic hate forum” last week, Kiwi Farms accused of revealing private information (doxxing), swatting, stalking and sending abuse, but old threads still exist in the Internet Archive. That’s changed as the “URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine”.


For context, the Wayback Machine lets you find archived versions of websites that have since changed, were taken down, or disappeared. You can view the new versions of web pages to see how they have changed over the years, or look for long-lost internet oddities hidden in recent threads and forums. Usually, it’s harmless, but Kiwi Farms doxx people and make threads dedicated to marginalised creators, activists and journalists, was very damaging.

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He was shared with Keffals, the trans streamer and activist who was the leading advocate of the campaign to take off Kiwi farms. Her account of the site in which she was hiding and forced to flee the country was so misleading to me. They made it by cross-reporting bed sheets and door knobs.

New Zealand’s farm threads were not easily recognized. It quickly became the site to resurface by Russian servers, but in less than 24 hours, Russian provider DDoS Guard dropped the site entirely because it violated its Acceptable Use Policy. Kiwi Farms aren’t accessible now.

It means that bigoted threads, targeted harassment campaigns, and other alleged incidents such as doxxing and swatting have all been removed, and protect those who have not been on the site’s radar.

The owner admitted the site’s dead owing to its deplatforming. Meanwhile, the author of Kiwi Farms’ Amelie Stefanie Korner has been charged by German prosecutors for cyberbullying, hacking, doxxing, hate speech, and persecution of minorities.

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