Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet andamp; Violet is here and shows 3 story paths that trainers can finish on their journeys.

Since the release of Generation 9 is finished, Nintendo is likely to be going out of the picture.

Recently we officially revealed the latest Pokemon, Grafaiai. It was reported that the Pokemon was coming to Paldea. The Pokemon Company is returning with an all-new trailer to the new release.

There’s not much time for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet release date, and today’s trailer is bigger than ever enough to surprise us with getting stuck and catch up.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet goes 3 pages.

Taking their adventures to the Paldea region, trainers will get through three routes: the path of the legend, the Victory Road, and the Starfall Road.

Victory Road

As usual, trainers can conquer Victory Road in their journey to become the best, even though nobody did. But as to reach Victory Road and the Pokemon League, they have to conquer 8 gym battles and earn their badges.

The gym will start every day, so players can explore the vast open world of Paldea.

And it’ll just be on the Victory Road route. For example, with gymnastics, players must perform special Gym Testing before they can battle against their leaders.

In the new trailer, we had to see the Grass-Type gym and the brassius leader in action. Players must first go around Sunflora and in the surrounding areas.

Take an absolute ruthless test as the gym’s experts will take advantage of Scarlet’s new Terastal mechanic.

The film has been inspired by the story.

My story follows the legend.

In the lane of the Legend, the trainers will hunt for the legendary Herba Mystica! As well as the old-schooler Arven, students will be seeking out new Pokemon called Titan.

Hop on your new helmets, and proceed with the adventuring trip to the extremes in which you will be competing against giant Titans like Klawf.

Since Arven isn’t a big Pokemon battler, hell depend on you on you to find the Herba mystica in all his quests.

What’s herba mytho in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Herba Mystica are rare herbs that, except for the Paldea area, are very rare. They restore health after feeding.

Their exact effects aren’t yet known, but for certain they’re guarded by Titan Pokemon, ones that are bigger and stronger than ordinary creatures.

Starfall Street

The Starfall Street gang consists of rebellious students, Team Star. These rebels are the villain team of Gen 9 and even act as one of the three-road slams.

When players raid their bases, players need to defeat enough Team Star grunts in a given time limit to a better job of fighting the boss. Due to the divide between Team Stars and Squads, each one will be in a different theme, the Schedar Squads preferring to flames.

Each team’s star comes with its own leader, and we looked at Mela, Boss of Schedar.

The team leader rides (and even battles) on a hot rod Starmobile that seems to have some kind of engine Pokemon running it. The Starmobile is so far behind the Pokémon clash when it comes to the boss.

If you missed it, we’ve recently announced 72 Pokemon leaked for Scarlet & Violet, before upcoming reveals.

Click on the full trailer below for Pokemon:

And, since you aren’t sure what game you want, there’s all the differences between the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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